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Julia Hunter

Personal Trainer

Flexibility | Biomechanics |

Resistance & Strength 

Julia grew up as an athlete and yogi who then became an avid gym goer while taking exercise science classes in high school. She has stayed true to her love of weight lifting and aerobics training for the last 6 years and recently expanded her knowledge by getting certified in personal training. Additionally, she is working towards a certification in yoga fundamentals, nutrition and strength and conditioning. With all considered she strives to find calm everyday, expanding her knowledge of barre and building meaningful connections through fitness, music and plants. 


Doctor of Physical Therapy

John Nellett

Chronic Pain | Sports Injuries | Balance/Vestibular Therapy

John received his B.S. in Kinesiology from Temple University and after graduating became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). He then went on to obtain his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from Widener University. John takes pride in empowering his clients and strives to help people create healthy habits that will continue long after they complete treatment. He has experience treating patients of all ages including those with chronic pain, acute injuries, post-op, and vestibular/balance issues. Outside of treating his clients you can find John hiking, exercising, and rooting for all five Philly sports teams.


Brandon Crooks

Personal Trainer

Hypertrophy | Strength & Conditioning | Daily Life Improvement

Brandon’s motto when it comes to training is as follows. “Give the client a good workout, teach them along the way, and keep them away from injury.” Not only will he work with you to create the perfect program to reach your goals. He aims to give you the confidence to take control of your fitness journey. When you have the confidence and knowledge to reach your goals the journey isn’t as scary or as daunting as it seems. 


Yoga Instructor and
Personal Trainer

Kristina Donello

Corrective Exercise | Mobility and Resistance Training | Mindbody Movement

Kristina’s sequence into functional fitness was a natural transition. As a modern dancer who found herself constantly self-rehabbing injuries big and small, she quickly started exploring other movement training modalities. She found alleviation from therapeutic exercise techniques, mobility training, self myofacial release, core integration, corrective exercise, strength training, yoga and meditation. She loves the idea that you can still practice the mindfulness of yoga while lifting weights or pulling on a band. Kristina is a Movement Educator, certified Personal Trainer, certified Yoga Instructor, certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. 


Certified Pilates Instructor

Christiane Gallos

Core Strength | Functional Fitness | Mindful Movement

Growing up in Brazil, Christiane competed in swimming, ballet, gymnastics, and karate. She’s continued that active lifestyle with tennis, running (competing in her first triathlon in 2005), and biking after moving to America where she worked as an Architect for more than 14 years. Her passion for Pilates developed after her two pregnancies. Not only did Pilates give her a full-body workout, it helped alleviate her pelvic and lower back pain while strengthening her core. She completed an intensive year-long apprenticeship program in New York City at the Physical Mind Institude. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Joey Monaco

Sports Massage | Deep Tissue | Chair Massage

Joey became a massage therapist because he wanted to help people recover and perform better. He has worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people that go to the gym recreationally. Joey uses his expertise in sports massage and other deep tissue techniques to help his clients to reach their goals whether that's working through specific issues or maintaining a healthy body. As someone who shares a passion for fitness and wellness, he understands how important a good massage is.

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