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5 Functional Fitness Focuses for Remote Workers

In a post-pandemic (almost) world, the landscape of daily life has changed for most, if not all, of us. One of the biggest transitions is the one to remote work. It is important for us to recognize these new standards so we can better address our fitness and wellness needs.


Let's start off with the big one. The one everyone reading this hunched over their laptop or chin drooped over their phone understands without explanation. Poor posture also causes or adds to issues such as tendinitis, which cause pain in the shoulders. The good news is this is something that is totally manageable if you know what you're doing. Hunchback is real.


Balance is one of those things that if you are not actively working on it, it will go down fast. You might not realize it, but little things like walking or getting in and out of your car do at least the bare minimum of work needed. Take that away, and your balance is going to drop off fast.


We are sitting more than ever. Most clients come in and talk about how tight their lower back and hamstrings are. After a few painful stretches, they are still tight. Stretching one time is not going to make up for the hours upon hours of sitting in one position.


The pandemic diets have not helped with this one. Moving around less and poor posture is causing widening waist lines on a large scale. Without proper focus, it will only continue to grow.


Less movement = slower metabolism. You move around less now than you did when you worked in an office. That means you will have a slower metabolism unless you increase your activity levels outside of work.

The great part of working from home is you have more time and schedule flexibility than ever. It is time to turn that into prioritizing your fitness.

Now that even our cooler talk has been replaced with Zoom coffee check-ins, we have the opportunity to move naturally. We need to get ourselves up and moving on our own. If you need some help with that, we are more than happy to help. Reach out now about our Personal Training plans.

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