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Personal Training in Philadelphia

Located across from Washington Square Park at 6th & Locust, we are the newest boutique personal training studio in Philadelphia. We are excited to work with our neighbors! Let's take a quick tour of our space. Here's some of our equipment:

Commercial all-in-one

It's not a matter of if this machine can do it, it's a matter of how. This beast is amazing in its versatility. It saves us a ton of space and can do so many exercises that a studio of our size usually does not have the ability to do.

Dumbbell Set, Battle Ropes, and Stability Balls

Machines are great, but you can do that in any gym. The guidance of a trainer is utilized at its fullest while doing functional work, including resistance, stability, and functional training.

Kettlebells, bands, suspension trainer, massage gun, foam rollers

This picture may not show everything listed, but we have all of it and more. Functional exercises that are low impact are great for improving joint health. Myofascial release (massage gun and foam rolling) aides in the recovery process and keeps you feeling great!

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